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"Anonymous" translated from Greek means "nameless, unknown". The word is often used in conjunction with any kind of service.

Anonymous VPN service Chameleon

Anonymous VPN access is a service that provides access to the VPN network without recording any data about its use. Service must not have any information about the its users which provide VPN without logs.

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To be anonymous on the Internet is mean do not leave any information about themselves on visited web-sites.

Online information is transmitted via IP addresses. Each device on the network receives a unique IP address. And this is the user's address will be recorded when visiting Web sites. Change IP address via VPN.

Anonymity must be observed at all stages of interaction with the service.
There are the following stages:

  • Registration on the site
  • Payment for services
  • The use of VPN services

Let's look at what characteristics should be inherent to an anonymous VPN service.
We start with the most important.

Anonymous services do not keep logs on the VPN servers

On most servers in the world installed operating systems based on Linux. Feature of these operating systems is flexible configuration and high system reliability. OS data server can run for years without rebooting.

On servers running Linux possible disable logging completely.

Logs is a record of the various situations that occur on the server. For example, booting the system, users connect to the server, error logging.

These records can diagnose problems and server errors and keep a record of connections to the server.

If logging is enabled on the VPN server, then this service can not be considered anonymous.

According to the records of connections you can find out exactly which user and at what time connected to the VPN server.

How do I know that the logs are disabled?

First of all it is necessary to examine the web-site of service.
If on web-site is written that the logs are maintained, then it is not anonymous VPN service.

Can you trust the service, if it is written that the logs are not kept?
On this question there are many opinions.

Of course, check for logs is quite difficult, as need access to the VPN server. Besides requires knowledge of system administration to know how to check this.

VPN services difficult to prove the absence of logs to their customers but to write it on web-site.

An anonymous VPN service will point to the site that logs are not kept.

In fact, VPN services makes no sense to deceive their customers. It is necessary to use the services of proven services.

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Anonymous service does not ask personal information

Recently registration through social networks became popular.
If you have an account in Facebook, you can quickly register on many websites.

In this type of registration website gets all your personal data.

Sometimes the registration form contains information such as name, age, home address, and more. Thus, you might accidentally tell the service about yourself.

An anonymous VPN service requires registration for only Email and password.

Email is needed in case of loss of the password of your account. And deu to Email you can regain access to your account.

Anonymous payment methods

Pay per VPN service anonymouslyAn important stage of purchase - a payment. At this stage it is also impossible to tell something about themselves.

There are a number of anonymous payment systems. They are distinguished by the fact that they do not require the input of personal data, or you can enter any data.

Legislation in all countries becomes intolerable to such payment systems as well as fighting the financing of terrorism.

But if you search, you can find payment services convenient for you.
For example: Perfect Money, Bitcoin.

Rule of anonymity

Some of the great men said: Anonymity can not be bought, it can be only provided.

It is important at every stage to preserve own anonymity.

Anonymous VPN service Chameleon will help you

VPN service Chameleon

Our goal - to make use of VPN technology is so simple that it can be used even grandparents. Of course, this raises a smile, but we aspire to it.

At present you can buy VPN easily. But we must also provide technical support and develop new services.