How to choose the best VPN service

Technology protection of personal data on the Internet have become widespread in the 21st century. This is due to the extensive development of the Internet around the world. Users began to think how to protect their personal information.

How to choose the best VPN service

VPN hides your IP address and encrypt all traffic. Connecting to a VPN helps unlock content that is not available in your country. At present buy VPN easily as well as a host of services that provide similar services.

Many users are wondering how to choose the best VPN service.

To make the comparison and choose the best service, it is necessary to talk about the selection criteria.

Criterias for selection of the best VPN service

In this article we will list all of the selection criterias but some of them may seem unimportant. It depends on the purpose for which you want to use VPN.

Purposes to choose the best VPN service:

  • change IP address to unlock inaccessible content in your country (for example, in China there is a strong censorship of the Internet. The Great China Firewall blocks access to web-sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, YouTube for all the inhabitants of China)
  • To be anonymous on the Internet (all your activities are recorded by your ISP. You have to use VPN to send anonymous e-mails)
  • To protect the transmission of personal data from interception and hacking (especially public Wi-Fi networks in hotels and restaurants)

VPN provides complete security and anonymity on the Internet.

It is only necessary to choose the best VPN service.
Let's take a closer look at the selection criterias.

Types of VPN connections

There are several types of connections:

  • PPTP VPN - implemented in most operating systems but it is considered an insecure protocol
  • SSTP VPN - protocol was developed by Microsoft. This protocol is implemented only in Windows 7 and later versions and mobile platform Windows Phone
  • OpenVPN - popular open source protocol. Is widely used and is distinguished by its reliability. Only one minus of the protocol that connection must install additional software
  • L2TP VPN via IPSec - is built into most operating systems. Reliable and fast protocol.

Best VPN service should be able to connect via L2TP VPN via IPSec and additionally may have OpenVPN connection.

The lack of server logs

Most servers worldwide running on operating systems Linux. Unlike Windows in the operating system may completely turn off logging system (logs connections).

VPN service turns off logs

Anonymity disappears when the VPN server keeps logs.

You need to carefully examine the company's Web site offering VPN services. It may be that the company claims that the logs are not kept. And in the "Agreement on the use of services" which is taken at registration or purchase VPN will indicate that the logs are stored.

Some VPN services keep logs within 2-4 weeks. If this is written on the site, talk about the anonymity of the service is impossible.

Best VPN service is never logs.

Does VPN service show that you use VPN?

For simplicity, configure the VPN services have resorted to redirect the connection from a domain to an IP address. In this case, the address server looks like domain, for example:

This is useful for system administrators of the company because when it is need to change the IP address of the VPN server. The connection will still work for all users.

All ISPs record user activities on the Internet. They will know that you are connecting to a domain and the connection is directly says that you are using a VPN.

Address to connect to the VPN server should look like the IP address

If you are using OpenVPN connection you need to check the certificates for specifying the domain of service in it.

In which country registered VPN service

This point is perhaps the most important when choosing the best VPN service.

Often there are disputes in which country must be registered VPN service to provide anonymity to their customers.

If the office is located in the US or Europe, it is considered that it is dangerous, as the international police is active in these countries.

Some believe that good when VPN service registered in third world countries such as Belize or Brazil.

We believe that the best VPN service must not have an office.

The best VPN service has no office

No matter what country is the office. If company has an office it means there is a place where police can come or send a formal request.

Every company is obliged to obey the laws of the country in which it is located.
VPN service is obliged to take a formal request from the police in this country and issue the information referred to it.

Thus, if there is a register or a company office, the VPN service can not ensure the anonymity of its users.

Support for all operating systems

Modern technology provides access to all operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

But before buying should make sure that company supports your platform.

Types of IP addresses issued

There are 2 types of IP addresses issued by the VPN server:

  • Shared IP - provided a single public IP address on all clients. As a rule, the IP address is constant and does not change when reconnecting to the VPN server
  • Dedicated IP - each client is given a unique IP address which can change when reconnecting

Is there a free trial access?

Must be free to test the service before purchase.
Such access will allow to configure a VPN connection and understand how it works.

Best VPN service must have a free trial access.

Free VPN service Chameleon

If service provide free VPN access and unlimited by time - this is an additional plus.

Own program for VPN connections

Own program for VPN connections will quickly set up a connection. Typically, such programs are needed when using OpenVPN connection, as the setting of the compound for a beginner can seem daunting.

L2TP VPN over IPSec is configured for 1 minute. In this case, the program is not required.

Payment methods and reasonable price

Examine the company's Web site. Check: is there a convenient way to pay. Currently, there are many payment systems, such as payment by debit and credit cards, electronic money, PayPal and others.

Convenient payment methods

If you find the best VPN service for yourself then the cost of services will not play a significant role. Still, the price should be affordable for you. Reliable companies offer a discount if you pay for a subscription for a whole year. You can save on this.

Availability of technical support

VPN technology works reliably at all times. But there are times when there is a connection errors. In this case, come to the aid technical support service. Check it before you buy.

Conveniently, the web-site has a Live Chat or ticketing system.

If support is provided via ICQ, Jabber or Skype, it creates some difficulties, since not all clients use these programs constantly.

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Support for all customers

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