How to change IP address of computer

IP address is an identifier of device which operating on the Internet. In simple words, each computer on the Internet gets IP address. The data is exchanged via IP addresses.

How to change IP address of computer

Often need to change the IP address of the computer online. Let's look at a situation where it is required.

Why you need to change the IP address of computer

Since the IP address is unique to each computer on the Internet, it turns out that to deny access to a specific resource is sufficient to block the destination IP address.

For example, "Great China Firewall" works this way for quick access to the lock a particular site. Once locked, no user in the Chinese segment of the Internet will not be able to go to a blocked site. Web-sites come in this list because of violation the law. In China is blocked Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Youtube and other. Once locked, usually the owners of these sites are thinking about how to change IP address.

In the same way, the system administrator in the office network can block some web-sites to colleagues did not spend working time on personal contact in social networks such as FaceBook, Twitter. After a blocking social networking sites simply will not boot.

You can change your IP address in order to lift any restrictions.

Change IP address helps in cases where content is blocked by regional affiliation. For example, service available for listening only on the territory of USA. Accordingly, the english-speaking population living in China can not listen to music from the IP addresses of those countries.

Recently, on the websites even introduced different pricing depending on your IP address belonging to a particular country. For example, if you order a hotel or a plane ticket from an IP address of United States, sometimes the price of such services is higher than for the people from Africa.

Prices on is different if change IP address

In such cases, simply learn how to change the IP address of the computer in the Internet and all restrictions will be removed.

Ways to change the IP address of the computer

There are several ways how to change IP address in the Internet.

  • VPN - a virtual private network. The main purpose is a change of IP addresses and traffic encryption.
  • Proxy - is a software product that handles your requests remotely.
  • Anonymizer - a website that redirects your request via their server, thereby changing the IP address.

Each of these methods has its pluses and minuses. Let's look at each of them in detail.

How quickly do I change the IP address via VPN

You can quickly and easily change your IP address using VPN.
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We use technology L2TP VPN which is built into most operating systems. Additional software is not needed. This is useful when you use, for example, computer at work.

Setting up a VPN connection takes 1 minute.

Pluses of service Chameleon:

  • Fast connection setup
  • No need to install additional software
  • Reliable stable connection
  • Free unlimited using time
  • The ability to quickly change IP addresses
  • Automatically after connecting all applications and browsers working over VPN


  • Connection speed is limited to 2 Mbit/s on the free account
  • Postal ports are closed, you can not send mail from programs such as The Bat, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Having problems? Contact us - we will help you

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How to change the IP address using proxy

The main purpose of a proxy server - change the IP address.

Proxy for anonymity are divided into:

  • Transparent - change your IP address but the pass your real IP
  • Anonymous - change the IP, do not show your real IP, but the claim that the user uses a proxy
  • Elite - change IP and says nothing about your use of proxies. This type of proxy is especially appreciated as this type of proxy is completely anonymous.

The main types of proxies by type of connection:

  • HTTP, HTTPS - there are all kinds of 3: transparent, anonymous, elite. If you choose this type of proxy should be paid particular attention to this
  • Socks - the technology is built so that these proxies are elite, thereby not convey any information about the user.

We recommend using elite HTTP or Socks proxy.

Pros proxy:

  • You can find for free

Cons proxy:

  • You need to install special software to send all traffic through a proxy
  • Not all programs can be setup to work through a proxy directly
  • It is difficult to find a quick free proxy. As a rule, the speed of the proxy is very low. Page of the site can be loaded more than 1 minute
  • Anonymity depends on your choice of the type of proxy
  • Good proxy cost money

Proxy settings in Firefox

To configure the Firefox browser, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Network.
Click on "Settings" button.

Configuring the browser Firefox to change the IP address of the computer

Usually proxy is IP address and port.
Enter the proxy data, for example: port 80 into the appropriate field HTTP or Socks

Some proxies require authentication with username and password. When you first try to load web-site then proxy will be prompted to enter a username and password (if installed).

How to change IP address through proxy in browser Firefox

How to change the IP address via the anonymizer

There are special sites that help change the IP address of your computer. They are called anonymizer.

To visit any website, you must first open a page of the site Anonymizer, then enter the address of the site in line.
Anonymizer helpы hide your IP address of computer.

This technique only works in a browser.

Pros anonymizers:

  • Free access
  • Easy to use

Cons anonymizer:

  • Some sites can not be opened by anonymizers because of the limitations of the technology
  • Lack of anonymity because the anonymizer can record all your actions
  • Over time, system administrators block access to such sites and will have to find a new service

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