Free VPN for Android

Free VPN for Android

Touchscreen phones and tablets on operating system Android gained wide popularity. Many users are thinking about how to secure the transfer of personal data on the Internet. Free VPN to help protect data on Android.

VPN - a virtual private network, you can use to hide your IP address and encrypt all data.

Typically, VPN access sell for money, but we will tell you how you can get free VPN for Android.

VPN for Android Free

Chameleon VPN service provides free access to all users of computers, phones and tablets on the Android OS.

Android - an operating system for mobile devices. Google Inc. is engaged in the development of this open system. Android OS is being promoted on many devices.

For example, the image below shows the statistics on the use of mobile operating systems in the world in recent years. Statistics taken from the website Wikipedia.

Usage statistics Android OS in the world

Chameleon uses L2TP VPN via IPSec which by default is built into all modern versions of the Android OS.

Setting up a VPN connection on Android takes less than 1 minute.

Get access to the VPN server for Android for free.

How to download VPN on Android for free

On the free account there is a speed limit which is barely noticeable during normal surfing the Internet. Ability to send mail from mail programs such as TheBat, Outlook and Thunderbird locked. But you can always use a web interface to send mail messages.

Chameleon provides anonymous services: all server-based logs are disabled. We provide constant free access to a VPN network, not time-limited. More about VPN service Chameleon.

Setting up a VPN on Android

The setting is done in several steps. And in the general setting is the same for all types of Android OS for phones, tablets and computers.

We will show setup VPN on Android on phone.

Select the icon of the "Apps"

Apps L2TP VPN on Android

To configure L2TP VPN, select "Settings".

Настройки L2TP VPN

Select the "More Settings".

More settings L2TP VPN Android

Click to VPN.

Set up L2TP VPN

If you have not previously configured VPN connections, the list will be empty. Click on "Add VPN network".


Server address, Username, Password and IPSec pre-shared key look here (only for registered users).

Server address of L2TP VPN

After the previous step appears VPN connection.
To connect to a VPN network, click on this connection.

Connection to L2TP VPN on Android

OS Android will ask you to enter Username and Password to connect to a VPN network. Use the same data as when registering on our website. And then click on "Connect".

Пароль к L2TP VPN

Excellent, a connection is established!
You will see a key icon and connection status is "Connected".

Successful connection to L2TP VPN on Android

Customer Support

Technical Support of service Chameleon We help all clients with a decision possible connection errors. Configuring the connection is very simple but there are cases when difficulties arise.

We will help you set up a connection.

Also, you can always ask a question of security and anonymity on the Internet. We can refer you to modern security solutions.