How to hide IP address

How to hide IP address of computer

Every computer on the Internet is assigned a different IP address. In simple terms, this is a unique identifier by which the data is exchanged on the Internet.

IP address of computer

IP addresses - it's like postal addresses in the city. Postman quickly and accurately deliver the parcel due to the correct address.

Normally, the IP address is as follows

But there are times when you need to hide IP address of computer in the Internet. Let's look at this in more detail.

What can you learn by IP address

IP address - this is the exact address of your place of residence. Your ISP can tell exactly what the client at this time using this IP address.

ISP knows all the websites you have visited.

3 Reasons to hide IP address of computer

  • Protection of personal information (for example, using VPN technology, all traffic is encrypted and the ISP will not know which web-sites you have visited)
  • The anonymity in the Internet (visited web-sites can not see your real IP address, respectively, no one can get to know you)
  • Hide IP online in order to view a unavailable content (some content may not be available from the IP addresses of your country, for example, service Great China Firewall blocking access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube for chinese citizens)

With the ability to hide IP address opens full Internet world.

Ways to hide your IP address in the Internet

There are several technologies that enable it to do so.
We look at the most common ones.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - change your IP address and encrypts traffic. This is the most reliable way. In this case, after connecting all traffic automatically go through the VPN server. You can buy VPN for money or get free access.
  • The use of a proxy helps to hide the IP address in the browser. May need to install a special program to work with proxy.
  • TOR network, or as it is called onion routing. TOR is a network of routers around the world. The technology involves traffic encryption. It is believed that such a network provides anonymity.

Hide IP address easily via VPN

The easiest and most reliable way is to use free VPN service Chameleon.

Chameleon uses L2TP VPN via IPSec which provides high speed, hide IP address and encrypt all traffic.

This technology is, by default, implemented across all operating systems. Therefore easy to create a connection in Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Connection configuring within 1 minute

How to get free access

It's enough to register on the web-site at the link above.
Fill in the form below: Login, Password and E-mail.

Registration of VPN service Chameleon

After registration need to go to page How to use.
On this page there are instructions on how to connect to a VPN network.

Hide your IP address for free via VPN easily on any OS.

The page displays a list of available VPN connections. Login and Password for the connection must use the same that was provided during registration.

How to hide IP address using Chameleon

Once connected, you can check IP address.
Your IP address will be changed and you will be anonymous on the Internet.

Any questions? Please!

Technical support helps to hide IP address We will answer all your questions and help you with the choice of connection.
If a connection error occurs, we will help to eliminate them.

Also advise on security issues on the Internet. We will find you the best solution to hide your IP address.

For an introduction to our services, read Review VPN service Chameleon.

How to hide IP address using a proxy

Proxy used only for changing the IP address. Thus, your ISP will know that you have used proxies.

Proxies are several types and are divided into anonymity on:

  • Transparent - thus transmit your real IP
  • Anonymous - hide your IP address, but the report that uses a proxy
  • Elite - the best proxy, as are the anonymous.

The main types of proxy by connection type:

  • HTTP, HTTPS proxy - are transparent, anonymous and elite. You need to choose the right kind of proxy to be anonymous.
  • Socks proxies are elite because the technology does not transfer the IP address of the user.

Chameleon recommends using Socks or elite HTTP proxy.

Proxies can be found for free on the Internet.
But the disadvantage is that such a proxy connection speed is very low and the web-site can be downloaded more than 1 minute.

How to set up proxy in browser Firefox

To use a proxy in the browser to hide the IP address from ISP you need to go to Settings -> Advanced -> Network.
And click on the "Settings" button.

Proxy settings in the browser Firefox to hide IP address

We already know how to look proxy is the IP address and port.
For example: on port 80.

Enter the proxy details in the appropriate field. Sometimes the proxy requires authentication. When you first load the web site will appear with a login and password proxy if you have a proxy of this type.

How to hide IP address via proxy in browser Firefox

How to hide IP address through the TOR

This method is quite simple but requires the installation of additional software. Because of this, the use of this method is not always possible, for example, on working computer.

How to hide IP address through TOR network

TOR is a network of routers around the world. When using TOR your every request goes through 3 server of TOR network. In this case, at one stage, all traffic encrypted.

Of course the connection speed is quite slow, as traffic passes random 3 web servers which may be located in different parts of the world.

To configure the connection you need to download the browser TOR or a special program to pass all traffic through the network TOR.

Speed TOR network is very slow.

Read more about TOR project.

Connecting to the network TOR free and thus this method to hide IP address gained its popularity.

The easiest way to hide your IP address - use Chameleon