Review VPN service Chameleon

VPN - a virtual private network. Using this technology, you can easily change your IP address. In this case all data sent from the user to the VPN service is encrypted.

Review VPN service Chameleon

The main purpose of VPN service Chameleon: traffic encryption and change the IP address.

Your ISP or system administrator at the workplace does not know what web-sites you have visited using VPN. This helps to even view the blocked content in your country, such as: Twitter, YouTube, Google drive, Facebook,, BBC UK, xBox and others.

Prohibited social services - VPN Chameleon will help unlock

Review of VPN service will start with the technology we use

There are several types of VPN. Each type has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let us examine more types of VPN:

  • PPTP - oldest protocol and is considered the most dangerous.
  • OpenVPN - reliable protocol but requires the installation of additional software. This is not always possible, for example, computer at work.
  • L2TP over IPSec - provides a stable connection and present by default on most operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Connection setup takes only 1 minute.

Learn more about L2TP VPN on Wikipedia.

We use L2TP over IPSec - a reliable connection with quick setup.

Logs on the VPN server is down

We are often asked: how is this possible?
In our review of VPN service Chameleon we will talk about it.

Our servers run on the operating system Linux. This system is different from Windows so that it can be flexibly customized and completely off the record of any action on the part of users.

Linux fans know that there is a magic command log /dev/null (simplified) which is just not writing any logs for the VPN connection.
In addition limited logging of events on all servers by using the syslog service.

Thanks to our technology we guarantee the anonymity of our users.

More in article about anonymous VPN.

Unlimited bandwidth for all customers

Download anything you like. Absolutely no restrictions. In our time the volume of downloaded information is constantly increasing. And so all traffic restrictions were removed. We have a lot of traffic on the servers and enough for all customers.

There are no speed limits

On paid accounts are no restrictions on speed. Each client will use the most of Internet bandwidth.

Sometimes we asked the question: can the speed be higher after connecting to the VPN?
No. It's impossible. Your speed is limited by your data plan from your Internet provider.

Will be slow speed when connecting to VPN?

The average loss of speed due to the technology L2TP VPN is not more than 20% of the speed of your Internet connection.

There are other factors because of which the speed may be reduced by 50% or even 90%.
For example, one of them it's geographical distance from the VPN server.

The farther away the VPN server on your location, the speed will be lower. This happens due to the fact that the data on the Internet travel through different providers before they reach the end point.

In simple terms, if you are in the United States and looking page Search Google, the loss in speed you will not notice.

But when you connect to the VPN in the Italy and follow the same steps, the loss in speed can reach high values ​​already. In this case, your browser will first send a request to the VPN server in the Italy, and then there comes a request to the server Google in United States. After that, the information will have to do the same trip back.

Reasons for the slow speed VPN

Tests show that this route will run about 15 different host providers.
And each of them has different bandwidth Internet channels and their speed limits.

Check your speed on
When the page loads click on the button «Begin test». Web-site will choose the best server for checking and will speed measurement.

Connecting through NAT and shared IP address

This review is necessary to address protection technology VPN service Chameleon.
The connection is via the NAT - network address translator.
In simple terms this technology provides you with protection against attacks from the Internet and some viruses.

Each client is given a shared static IP address.

Open all ports

VPN service offers all the power of the Internet: download mail through programs, communicate in Twitter, download torrents. There are no restrictions on the use of ports.

Connecting via RDP (Remote Desktop) under the VPN is not possible because the use of NAT blocks this possibility. NAT provides security to every client.

Change the IP address in any OS

Change the IP address easily on any operating system.
L2TP VPN is built into most operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone. For Linux there are free solutions.
Read more in the article How to setup VPN connection

Setting for 1 minute

Sign up online and immediately connect to the VPN server. The whole setup takes less than 1 minute.
Technology allows you to create simple and quick solution.
You do not need to spend time learning. On our site are made simple manuals with pictures in a few steps to connect.

100% MoneyBack

We guarantee return of all funds within 10 days of use.
If you do not like it we will refund you all the money in the first 10 days of use. We guarantee high quality services and are willing to be accountable to our customers.

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